Spirit United strives to develop soccer players capable of competing at the highest levels of competitive youth soccer in Central Florida. This past year has been one of tremendous growth for the ACYS Spirit United Competitive Soccer.

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ACYS Spirit United Soccer is excited to about the addition of The Factory to our competitive soccer training program. The Factory training center, located at the ACYS Office,  will be added to the curriculum of the 2015-2016 competitive Spirit United training program and will focus on speed and agility, coordination, strength, conditioning and injury prevention for the serious youth player. In our effort to provide the best training in central Florida, ACYS is asking it's membership for any of the following new or used equipment donations:



Dumbbells (Pairs - Range from 5lbs-50lbs)

Olympic Barbells

    - 2-3 @ men's 45lbs

    - 1-2 @ women's 25ibs/35lbs

Olympic Plate Weights

    - Need a variety of pairs and sets - ex > 5lbs x 6, 10lbs x 6, 25lbs x 4, 35lbs x 4, 45lbs x 4


Medicine Balls (Need a range from 5lbs-15lbs)



Over-speed Bands (At least 10 needed)

Power Bands

    - Come in resistance ratings; would want around 5-10 of each 

        - Pink, Blue, and Black from lightest to heaviest resistance


    - Range in resistance level; color coded

    - 2-3 variations; light, medium, and heavy


TRX / Ratchet Straps (need 2-3 sets)

    - TRX is name brand, ratchet straps can serve same purpose



Benches - 2-3

Squat Racks - 2-3

Weighted Bars - 5 at varying weights

Steps - 3-4 stations ranging from 6-24 inches high

Boxes - 2-3 ranging from 12-36 inches high

Powerlifting Mats / Platforms 

Pull Up Bars - 2-3 stations

Speed Ladders - 2-3 units

Adjustable Speed Hurdles - 20-30 hurdles

Training Tables / stations - 2-3 preferable

Stationary Bike – 1-2 preferable


For more information on how to donate any of these items or to make a tax deductible monetary gift please contact the ACYS Spirit United Program Director   or 407-731-0333.
Donations of any of the above items would be greatly appreciated. 
For more information on The Factory or on the ACYS Spirit United Competitive Soccer Program or any of the many other recreational sports opportunities offered at ACYS please contact:   
  • ACYS Spirit United Program Director at suprogramdirector@outlook.com or 407-731-0333
  • ACYS Rectrational Sports at   or 407-521-2243